Olivia (or Livvy as her friends call her) is an artist and researcher working in the fields of printmaking and analog photography. Olivia develops imagery by experimenting with recycled and organic materials, and self-portrait photography.  

Raised in Sitges, Spain, Olivia moved to Burlington, Vermont and then to Ann Arbor, Michigan where she received her BFA in Art and Design with an Environmental Studies Minor at the Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan in 2019. She has received numerous grants to support her studio practice and research. In 2019 she also received an award from the Lansing Art Gallery for the artist book called From the Holocene to the Anthropocene: Redefining the Ecological Self

Olivia has been drawing and painting her whole life but she was drawn to the darkroom and printmaking studio in college for the inherent communal and technical aspects of the mediums. Research and experimentation are a foundation for Olivia’s art practice, as she is invested in creating a bridge between art and science. Printmaking and analog photography are her mediums of choice because of their process-heavy nature. Each step along the way allows for creative innovation and the opportunity to respond to unexpected results, especially when working with alternative processes in print or photo. 

She has been an assistant at Zea Mays Printmaking since 2019 where she helped develop safe alternatives to printmaking materials and was part of a research team focusing on safe printmaking practices while making her own work as a studio member. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally.