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As our planet becomes increasingly polluted, dealing with the environmental repercussions created by our modern lives will have to be incorporated into a daily routine. Through these two wearables, a pendant and a dermal piercing, s I am exploring this normalization of an anthropogenic world by making air pollution sensors (prototypes) into wearables. The imagery on the pendant, a microscopic view of lung tissue laser engraved into enamel further connects the aesthetics of the wearable to its functionality. Furthermore, these pieces are meant to alert the body when it enters into a polluted space by vibrating. In its finalized form I imagined the vibrations would be continuous and would not cease until the wearer left the polluted area or manually turned off the wearable, this way the alert not only brings attention to polluted environments, but it also creates just enough discomfort to encourage the wearer to leave those kinds of places.

Dermal piercing inserted (prototype)

Dermal piercing and pendant with laser engraved enameled imagery of lung tissue 

Dermal: 3D printed with laser cut mother of pearl detail.

Pendant: electronics, 3D printed electronics housing, copper with laser engraved enamel top, metal chain.

Pendant Charger: CNC routed corian material.

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