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In 2019 I took a course at the University of Michigan called Humanize the Numbers. The course aimed to tell the stories of incarcerated individuals through the use of photography. We accomplished this be leading a photography workshop at the Thumb Correctional Facility once a week. The workshops covered a wide range of topics including: how to use a digital camera, how to best compose your shot, history of photography in a social justice context, and how to best convey your message through a photograph. The images you find here were taken inside the prison through a collaborations between the participants and workshop leaders. The existence of this course is only possible because of a wonderful organization at the university called Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP). Find out more about them and what they do here



goodincarcer (1).jpg

Imaging Incarceration: Hidden in Pain Sight  is an independent photo series I did for PCAP. I photographed the exteriors of MDOC facilities at different times of day to examine the transformation in the landscapes these institutions are built on. The facilities are often tucked away and hidden from the rest of the world, yet more and more of them are built all around the country every year making them part of the American landscape.

Pictured are two out of eight medium format silver gelatin prints.

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